GP practices are facing extra pressure following the disclosure by the BBC of draft sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) which propose ward closures, cuts in bed numbers and changes to A&E and GP care in 44 areas.

GP Practice Managers have been under the pressure of making ends meet for years since they were given the responsibility of purchase power for their own surgeries.  Practice Managers have had to learn quickly to become commercially minded by shopping around, recognizing good from bad suppliers and entering into contracts on behalf of the practice for purchase agreements.  Now this extra pressure makes the cloth have to stretch a bit further…how can they manage this???

Service from Let’s Save Limited uses specialist suppliers who have experience of dealing within this sector – supporting and working with GP Practice Managers to help them see where they are with supply, pricing, contract duration, contract renewal and notice to be given, as well as giving comment on the quality of supplier and the services/goods they provide.  I have a specialist telecoms provider who has extensive experience within the sector as well as a Health and Safety specialist who also has sector specialism within the NHS.

If you think your own GP practice would benefit from reviewing costs, saving them time and money and freeing up resources to spend ultimately on patient care, then drop me a line and I will get in touch with them to help.

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