When I started my business of Let’s Save back in 2015, it was really in answer to my residential Utility Warehouse customers asking me to help them or someone they knew with a business contract or service.  Utility Warehouse do help business owners and the customer service is great, however, they don’t put customers into contracts for energy and they don’t change client charges when they come out of contracts for telecoms, meaning that clients often get tempted away into short term cheap deals.  If small businesses take all the services from the Discount Club and use the cash back, it is a no brainer and really can’t be beaten over the long term.  However – clients want to have the choice to change supplier and some don’t like the thought of having all eggs in one basket, so how to service these clients?

I get to know small Owner Managed business owners at networking events, where I am referred to and also by me proactively reaching out to them by phone call, social media post or article, website link, blog post or walking in to meet with them.  I usually start a conversation by asking them either about if they are happy with what they are paying for their card reader or their energy contracts.  It is a conversation starter and many small business owners have a story to tell.  I offer to review their bills to see if I can improve on any customer service issues or help them reduce the costs where I can.  Many are happy for me to do this and this leads me into asking them about their other services like waste, washroom services, insurances, telephone, broadband and mobile deals where I can offer the same review service.  Some services aren’t at the right time to review and need to be done at some point in the future, I can keep a diary note of this and come back to the business owner at the right time.

Let’s Save is Wendy Ward and all the business contacts I have encountered since becoming self employed in 2009.  I have met some great providers and some not so great providers but I will always be honest with how suppliers can help their clients, the good and the bad bits.  I have picked up some knowledge of these supplies and some understanding of how the bills are put together – some are more complicated than they need to be with the intention of confusing the reader, however – I ensure that these bills are looked at by whole of market brokers on most occasions where they completely understand how the services are being provided, at what costs and within what contractual terms.  Improvements to either the costs or service provided can be highlighted and fed back to the business owner to give them the knowledge to then make supplier decisions.  I then support the business owner with changing supplier if they want to, terminating contracts where necessary and setting up new ones where required.  Going further than this, I can then keep a diary of these new contracts going forward, giving the business owner reminders to ensure the business owner doesn’t get put into a new contract without their knowledge or is put onto terms which they neither choose or want.

Busy business owners aren’t usually very good at keeping on top of their home bills either – gas and electric prices vary enormously and 67% of home owners are not regularly keeping on top of getting the best deals regularly.  Many could be saving at least £230 a year by being on the right plan for them.  There are a variety of types of contracts available, there are different energy suppliers out there who offer online bills, paper bills, SMART meters, rewards for taking a contract on.  Contracts can be fixed up to 38 months or could be a variable rate and change as prices do.  People may have meters that are pre-paid on a card or key system and topped up at a local shop or even online or via an app.  Others don’t get a bill for 6 months, but pay monthly or quarterly by Direct Debit.  You may get a discount for taking your gas and electric from the same supplier or you could get charged for a paper bill!  You can see that it can be a confusing and complicated task to decide what is right for you and it may take more time than you have available.  When people run out of time to do things, things don’t get done and business owners may find themselves on “out of contract rates” that are very expensive or they may be experiencing very bad customer service, not enough bills coming through and their meters never read by the supplier!

I offer a transparent service of helping to find you a deal that you want based on criteria that you determine at the start and with a copy of your latest bill, this can be done for you within a 48 hour window at an agreed rate from me.  You will receive at least 6 tariff options to choose from, sent as a spreadsheet which explains the details of each option for you.  Three clients last week were – a tradesman who has just moved into a rented property and needed to find the cheapest deals possible without having to put in meter readings monthly; a customer out of contract who didn’t want a smart meter, didn’t want a “Big 6” supplier and wanted the best customers service; the last one was a company owner who had been on a variable tariff with the same provider for 6/7 years – this was an easy one where savings over £400 per year were available.  I can also do the same for telecoms deals and personal bank accounts.

Outsourcing is something that business owners either do or don’t – enlightened business owners who understand that they are not the right person to do EVERYTHING in their business are usually the most successful.  Why would you spend your time (equals money), energy and lack of skill doing a task that you are too busy to do, too tired to do and don’t like doing to probably get a result not as good as the specialist would get!!?!?  LET GO! Stop Controlling Everything!  Just try one thing – come on, it’s your gas bill – see how free you feel, getting an expert to do it for you at a very reasonable rate, efficiently and effectively, then knowing that it is sorted for another year (at least).

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See here for a link to a short video from me about Outsourcing too.

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