Coronavirus : What charities need to know.

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Charities set to lose £4Bn over the next 12 weeks due to Corona Virus Pandemic.

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Fundraising during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Covid-19 affected charities can ask for extensions on filing annual returns.

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There is a wealth of information available on-line, some of it changing daily as the crisis changes and advice is updated by the Government. We are also in catch up mode, learning from China, Italy and Spain.

Many charitable organisations have had to close their doors and service users are no longer receiving incredibly important daycare.  Some of these service users are now isolated due to underlying health conditions with members of their families who are also unwell or over the age of 70.

This is a terrible situation and charities are having to change their provision of service to these users.  Some are going out into the communities with food and necessary cleaning and hygiene products, making deliveries by hand.  Some of them are having to speak with their service users over the telephone several times a day to keep them calm.  Some are having to use technology to speak to them over apps and software.

Times are very confusing for all of us, imagine being an adult with learning difficulties who is used to going to the same place every day, where they know the staff, the routines, the activities.  Compare that to suddenly and without much warning, you are being told to stay at home with an elderly parent and you are completely out of your comfort zone, routine and also worried that there is a nasty “bug” about and people are dying!

The key to getting through this is definitely down to communication

  • Speak to your service users – explain what is happening.
  • Keep your staff and volunteers in the loop – they need to know what to expect.
  • Speak to your supporters – are they going to continue to support you? Update your budgets!
  • Ask for help – who has helped you before?
  • Speak to your grant-funding bodies – can you use current funding for different activities due to the virus?
  • Negotiate with suppliers – can you take a payment holiday or negotiate different terms?

There will be a need for adaptation – 

  • Be prepared to alter the service that you provide.
  • Listen to what your service users need from you.
  • Consult with staff regarding what can and can’t be delivered or achieved.
  • Liaise with other community organisations to form coalitions/collaborations to provide a service together – power in numbers.
  • Apply for emergency funding where you qualify, if you haven’t the skills to do it – ask for help.

There will be a requirement to dig in and be resilient.

  • Solve problems, don’t dwell on the negatives.
  • Keep spirits up, especially in front of staff and service users.
  • Change service provision at short notice and adapt to needs.
  • Learn new skills and ways of working.
  • Be grateful for the fantastic country that we live in and our amazing NHS resources.

Here to help in these difficult times, I’m just a call away – or we could do a “Zoom” call?

Keep safe and keep well.


Links used from civilsociety online magazine.
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