These are not normal times.

Let’s discuss normal times – let’s cast our minds back to the end of January 2020, when we had no idea that a Worldwide Pandemic would wipe out thousands of people from our planet. Let’s not think about the thousands more dying every day for the foreseeable future…

Let’s think about human nature.  Why do we give to Charity and good causes?  What makes us want to do things for no immediate return to ourselves, for someone else’s benefit?  Why would we spend our time, money and energy undertaking work for others?  Is it something that is inherent in our human nature to do things for other people?  Is it learned behaviour from our parents, family and friends?  Do we hang around with others who “give” or is it a personal choice thing?

Many a pub debate is about charity for the homeless.  Do they really deserve our pound coins to be thrust at them as we hurry on with our amazing lives or do these people secretly live in 4 bedroom detached homes and earn their living by begging on the streets!?  Is it right to give the the homeless money to spend on what they choose or should they be given the telephone number of the nearest shelter who can put them on the straight and narrow??  Buying them a coffee and a sandwich seems the least patronising of all efforts these days?

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – this is an area that is growing massively in interest across all sectors.  Generation X who are now getting into middle management roles are demanding that the companies that they work for “give back”.  They are requesting that the staff that they manage take time out to give their own time to a good cause, involve themselves as teams to undertake sponsored events as well as working together for a common cause.  Is this a continuation of undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh scheme at school?

Are businesses in the future to be measured on how much they give back as well as how much profit they make?  Will people be asked what they did in the Covid-19 disaster of 2020? Will they be judged if they didn’t give back or do enough?

How do you feel if you have done something for someone without personal gain? Is it better to give than to receive?  Many people will say that it is time that gets in their way of doing more voluntary work, they have enough to do themselves with working, looking after their families both young and old, keeping themselves fit, looking after the upkeep of their home with DIY, cleaning, decorating, educating children… the list goes on and on and on.  When do people fit it in??  Is it something you have to prioritise?

Life is a gift of choices to be selected from.  Which choices do you make?  Which activities do you just “do” because it is a habit of repeated activity that just gets done?  How often do you actually think about the activities that you are choosing to do, rather than keeping on keeping on doing what you have always done.  Routine creeps into our lives very easily the more we have to do and the less creativity time we have to manage.

It is deemed a Christian way of living to give to charity, put other’s needs before your own and please people.  Is this fitting with how society has evolved over the last 20 years? Dog eat dog, competing against one another and without thought for anyone else but ourselves?

Will this devastating virus bring us full circle back to thinking of others before ourselves?  Making choices which are in the favour of the people we hold most dear to ourselves?  Will we be more grateful for our lot?  Will we appreciate more about our lives, families and friends? Will we prefer to give rather than receive?  Making choices with our time to “do” for others, rather than ourselves.

The clapping for the NHS and key-workers brings a tear to my eye every Thursday – not because of what we are actually clapping for. It is the extra neighbour that I notice in the cul-de-sac who I never noticed before – we have lived here 15 years!  Once the government have taken notice of how much the public does appreciate the NHS workers and re-adjusts the pay scales and their working conditions, who do we feel sorry for then?  Who do we support and give our time and money to?  Will it be charities?  Will it be the environment? Who will it be?

We have to be in a position to give to those less fortunate than ourselves, that is the Christian and moral way to live isn’t it?  We will have to find what ticks our box or floats our boat and it is a subjective and personal thing.

  • Mum dies of Breast Cancer – Breast Cancer Support.
  • Son has a brain tumour – Brain Tumour Charity.
  • Nephew died in combat – Soldiers charity.
  • Lost a dog traumatically and re-homed rescue dogs – PDSA.

Out of all the incredible hurt and loss of this pandemic, surely there will be good from it?  Many have said that they will phone their parents more, others have said that they don’t want to work from work any more.  They want to stay home and walk the dog twice daily in the light!

Many of the accidental business owners that I come into contact with are desperate to do the good that they set out to do in their social enterprise or charity.  They can’t necessarily keep on top of all the business stuff that goes with it though.  They need help with this and that is where I come in, to help with the boring business stuff like acquiring them funds, ensuring the HR Administration and Contracts are correct and that the Policies and Procedures are perfect.

My support for them is endless. I get excited every day to know that I contribute to the goodness that is charity or not for profit.  If you’ve never taken any interest in the sector, give it a go, they may surprise you.  Do try a local one, close to your home and get involved.  Charity begins at home, so they say.


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