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About Let’s Save Cost Consultancy Services

Who is Let’s Save?

Wendy Ward created Let’s Save Cost Consultancy Services in 2015, having spent 16 years within the corporate world, Wendy has spent the  learning time since learning how to be self employed and is now un-employable! Wendy has secured her business partner specialists through her vast network of business contacts gained through networking. Wendy is a natural helper, connecting people with others who can help or add value.

What does Let’s Save do?

Let’s Save helps those organisations who need help with contracts that need renewing via brokerage.

It also helps where tracking and controlling costs is needed. It can undertake an audit of costs, producing a report of which suppliers are being used, what is being charged, the contract end and renewal information and it provides recommendations of alternative suppliers, costs, service levels and compliance levels.

Let’s Save can also provide an ongoing cost management service on a retainer basis to continue to keep on top of renewals and reviews as they occur.

There is also a service for start-up businesses who need all supplier agreements and contracts establishing from scratch, this can also be applied to relocating businesses and growing businesses where the project of changing suppliers can be managed.

Why Use Let’s Save Cost Consultancy Services?

Business owners don’t always know where they are with all their bills and contracts in place. Running a business is hectic, running a business is a multi-tasking nightmare, running a business involves keeping on top of lots of different contract terms and end dates.  Handing over what needs to be brokered will ensure that the business owner doesn’t get rolled into contract terms that are more expensive and aren’t fit for purpose and maybe even not compliant.

Let’s Save can undertake an independent and impartial review of some, most or all of your suppliers and then produce a schedule of all your existing provisions, finding out contract end dates and when they need renewing, as well as when the business need to give notice to terminate contracts. Business owners are not experts on what they are paying for.

When setting up contract services, business owners do not always know exactly what they are having supplied. Supplier bills can be very difficult to understand, many of them not providing detailed bills unless you access the online version of your account. Let’s Save Cost Consultancy Services will review and analyse bills to break down what is being provided, how much the business is paying and what costs/penalties are being applied to customer accounts.

If you make the decision to not handle any cost management internally, Let’s Save are in a position to run all Cost Management systems for you, ensuring all supplies are cost effective, fit for purpose and compliant.

If you are setting up for the first time in premises, are moving or growing, Let’s Save can support this process by handling all supplier engagement or changes which are required, ensuring the smooth running of the set up/move.

Business owners do not have access to business specialists/best prices in the market.

Business owners have a finite network of suppliers for each of the provisions that their company requires. Business owners often inherit relationships with suppliers without knowledge of how good the supplier is or if there are better quality or cheaper solutions available. Let’s Save Ltd only partner with whole of market brokers who have enormous knowledge of the supply they provide. Businesses are assured an honest assessment of requirements, suggestions of only quality suppliers who operate fairly with their customers and have access to the best prices in the marketplace.

Business owners do not monitor costs and suppliers going forward.

Things change, staff change and business operations change. It is difficult to continue to keep on top of the bills on an ongoing basis. It is not always a priority when running a busy business to dedicate the time or resources to dealing with supplier issues, upgrades or when contract negotiations come around again so quickly!

Let’s Save provide an ongoing relationship with your business. This ensures contracts are given notice on in a timely fashion. New contracts are applied for, selected only from quality suppliers at the best costs available. Liaison with suppliers is ongoing and any issues are handled directly with your authority.

Using Let’s Save Cost Consultancy Services gives you the peace of mind that:

  • Your supplier contracts are under control;
  • Your contracts are being monitored;
  • Your services have been reviewed and are constantly being looked after on an ongoing basis;
  • The best priced deals and quality suppliers are being sourced;
  • Your services are fit for purpose and compliant.
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