7 Top Tips to writing a Grant Funding Bid for a Not for Profit or Charity.

Writing a funding bid is a specialist role as you will probably know and even if you have had a bash at it before, the following tips, will remind you of best practice. 1.Deciding what you want some money for. [...]

Why give to charity?

These are not normal times. Let's discuss normal times - let's cast our minds back to the end of January 2020, when we had no idea that a Worldwide Pandemic would wipe out thousands of people from our planet. Let's [...]

The hidden victims of Covid-19, when isolation is with someone you fear or you have a toxic relationship with.

We have a world-wide battle on our hands to help stop the spread of the awful Corona Virus.  We have discussed the deaths that will happen from the virus itself.  We have spoken about the collateral damage of other seriously [...]

Important and Necessary Links and Advice for Charities in Corona Virus Crisis

Coronavirus : What charities need to know. Click HERE for more details.   Charities set to lose £4Bn over the next 12 weeks due to Corona Virus Pandemic. Click HERE for more details. Fundraising during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Click HERE [...]

10 Top Tips for Improving Your Performance.

We are all busy ...give something to a busy person and it gets done, doesn't it? We all want to improve though don't we? To do better today than we did yesterday? Better next year than we have done this [...]

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Are Fundraisers the Future CEOs of Charities?

Generally speaking, many trustees and senior leaders still do not widely recognise the importance of fundraising. They are missing the point. This has implications for charities and civil society. It’s time to shift the dial in the sector both about [...]

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What is involved in being a Charity Trustee and delivering good governance?

From Safeguarding to Risk Management, understanding the role of being a Trustee is complicated.  From obtaining information about key legal responsibilities to best guidance for good practice, there is a lot to learn.  Ensure you ask the right professionals about [...]

Finding Funding for your Organisation…

Today I am smiling, today I feel good and I know I am exactly where I should be, doing what I do.  Today I heard that a charity that I have been working with have secured just short of £10,000 [...]

No one wants to pay your Core Costs – so trim them down! 5 Top Tips for Charities

Paying the bills - Overheads.  These are the costs you have to pay every month even if your organisation has no income. The gas, the electricity, the phone system, the IT System, the HR support, the waste management solutions (bins [...]

The subtle art of delegation for Charity Managers, 7 handy tips.

To quote Elsa from Frozen "Let it go!"  You cannot possibly do everything that you want to do, have to do or indeed need to do to please everyone, so with that in mind....learn to get other people to help [...]

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Money to pay for the electric bill or insurances is not necessarily "sexy", but these costs still need paying for.  So how do they get paid when you are applying for grants and funding? They can me wrapped up as [...]

Small Businesses – Outsourcing to save Money

When I started my business of Let's Save back in 2015, it was really in answer to my residential Utility Warehouse customers asking me to help them or someone they knew with a business contract or service.  Utility Warehouse do [...]

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