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Practice Managers of busy GP Practices, Care Homes, Dental Practices, Vets and Opticians need support from a professional company with commercial knowledge of how to set up business contracts that suit them.

Getting into the wrong business contracts can:

• Prove costly
• Mean that your services are not fit for purpose
• Mean that your service are not compliant

Life in Healthcare is hectic – Owners and Physicians have little time to deal with the headache of finding the right suppliers for their contractual supplies. Contract sourcing is regularly passed to Business/Practice Managers who are under pressure to deliver excellent quality business services at the right price.

Let’s Save engages only with whole of market suppliers who possess specific Healthcare Sector experience. This specific knowledge has been gained by obtaining several years of experience working alongside healthcare organisations to provide efficient tailored supplier solutions.

• Telecoms Systems
• Information Technology Support
• Waste Management
• Energy Supply and Reduction Solutions
• Insurances
• Health & Safety Compliance

The Cost Management Review Process from Let’s Save Limited provides peace of mind to Head Teachers and Business Managers that all contractual business service contracts in place are reviewed for:

• Regulatory Compliance and Safety,
• Fit for purpose products and services,
• Quality products and services,
• Cost efficiency,
• Renewal dates and notice periods reporting to help with budget monitoring.

Are you in Health/Care and need help reducing your supply costs?

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