Dealing with domestic bills to set up new accounts is hard! Shopping around for the best deals is time consuming and complicated. Comparison websites aren’t transparent always. Who do you trust? Where do you get independent advice?

How do dealing with these things make you feel? Help is at hand!

Wendy has helped hundreds of people, just like you, to make the right choices on their service providers by offering a FREE quick review of who they are currently using and what their home requirements are.

  • Do you know who you are paying and for what?
  • Are your gas, electricity, home phone, broadband and mobiles as fit for purpose or as value for money as they could be?
  • Are you overpaying for services that you no longer require or are they what you need any more?
  • Are you having a specific problem with one of your home suppliers which is taking you time and money and frustration to resolve?
  • Are your insurance/protection products and wills fully up to date for what you need them for?
  • When did you last review your personal bank account to check your standing orders, direct debits and regular payments?
  • Do you need a trades person to help you with work at home or a professional to advise on personal finances, mortgages and protection policies?

Solutions provided on an individual bespoke basis:

  • A FREE 121 meeting in the comfort of your own home or at a venue of your choice to review the copy bills.
  • A specific service of resolving supplier problems on an affordable hourly rate basis.
  • A bank account review undertaken with a one off charge to look at duplicate or unnecessary payments to old suppliers or for insurances, cover products or policies that are no longer required.
  • A low cost tracking service for all your end of contract dates, end of fixed rate deals and renewal dates provided for you to take action when required.
  • FREE referral details of recommended trades people, financial and professional services on request dependent on requirements.

People who Wendy Helps most –

  • People who have never or very rarely change suppliers for their home services because they don’t know how, they are nervous about changing or they are too busy.
  • First Time Buyers who need help with their first supplier choices.
  • Home Owners who are moving house and need to change their services to the new address.
  • Busy families who don’t want to sit in long telephone queues waiting to speak to call centre staff in foreign countries to sort bill problems.
Young lady worried about bills and debt Sheffield

“We are looking for new deals on gas, electricity and phones, but it is complicated and confusing! Who do I trust? Who gives the best service and who are the cheapest?”

For Sale Signs FIrst Time Buyers Sheffield

“I am moving house and really have no idea what to do about new suppliers in the new house or when to call my current suppliers to let them know, please help!”

Old lady worried about bills Sheffield

“I am really worried about my bills, I am sure I am overpaying on everything, but I don’t have a clue where to start or who to ask who will give me independent advice!”

Pile of Utility Bills Sheffield

“I don’t understand comparison websites or how to get the best deals or the right suppliers for us, I want to shop around but get confused with online deals”

Wendy diligently explained the concept and details of the savings we could make when she reviewed our household bills. She has a good depth of knowledge and a very friendly attitude. I would recommend Wendy to anyone.

Tom Draper - Busy Family Home Owner

I contacted Wendy when I was buying my first house. Wendy has provided me with a quality service which meets my needs and saves me money! She has been professional at all times and ensured everything has run smoothly for me. I would highly recommend Wendy.

Hannah Bailey - First Time Buyer

Wendy came to see my elderly parents (82 &84) they are both set in their ways and were not really looking to change suppliers, however I had checked out their usage and advised Wendy of this. She discovered there was potential to save around £50 per month. which is a huge amount to pensioners. They decided to make the changes with help from Wendy, she explained the whole procedure in layman’s terms and described how the systems worked. She also gave out her number should they have any questions rather than giving out the call centre number so they have one personal point of contact. An excellent service that I will recommend to friends and other family members. Thanks Wendy for being so approachable and professional with my parents.

Elaine Mitchell - Daughter of elderly parents
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